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Your guide to triple glazing

Triple glazing is the latest innovation designed to save on your energy bills. Popular in Scandinavian countries, it seems the UK is beginning to follow suit to make our homes cosy and comfortable. 

But what exactly is triple glazing, and is it worth it for your home? Read on for our handy guide designed to help you make up your mind.

Your guide to triple glazing

What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing works on the same premise as double glazing, except there are three panes of glass, not two. Gas is trapped between each pane of glass and that provides insulation against the cold. 

But does that extra layer of glass make a difference? The smaller air gaps in triple glazed windows make it much more difficult for heat to escape. And that means you can effortlessly maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.


How thick is triple glazing?

That extra pane of glass increases the thermal efficiency of your windows, but it also makes them thicker and heavier. For comparison, standard double glazing units are around 28mm. In contrast, triple glazing units can have a depth of up to 44mm.

The extra thickness doesn’t necessarily mean that triple glazing is significantly more thermally efficient than double glazing. But if you have issues with noise – if, for example, you live near a busy road or in a built-up area – then the thickness of triple glazing creates highly effective noise insulation.

It’s also worth considering that thicker and heavier triple glazed windows require more robust frames and fixings. Our experts will be happy to advise whether your home is structurally suitable for triple glazing.


How efficient is triple glazing?

The efficiency of modern glazing units is measured in U-values, showing how good a material is at providing heat insulation. The lower the U-value, the higher the level of insulation. That’s why U-values can apply to walls, roofs and floors as well as windows.

Research carried out by Germany’s PassivHaus Institute found that lower U-value triple glazing prevents more heat loss than double glazing:

  • Energy-efficient double glazing with a U-value of 2.8 showed an air temperature next to the window of 16C.
  • Triple glazing with a U-value of 0.8-0.6 showed an air temperature next to the window of 18C.

Realistically, you may not notice a massive difference in your heating bills between energy efficient double glazing and triple glazing. Suppose you’re considering an upgrade from older style double glazed units. In that case, opting for that extra pane of glass will make your home feel significantly warmer. 

What is essential is making sure the insulation in your walls, floor and roof is up to the same standard as your windows. Otherwise, you won’t feel the full benefit from the thermal gain as heat leaks from these vulnerable areas.


Triple glazing vs double glazing

Both double and triple glazing will bring down your bills and add value to your home. But is the extra pane of glass worth it? 

Double glazing is lighter and more affordable, so if you’re on a budget, it’s a savvy choice as you won’t need heavier frames and more robust fixings. Double glazing is also more efficient at harnessing solar power, so on those sunny days, your home will benefit from passive heating.

However, nothing matches triple glazing when it comes to U-values, so if energy conservation is your top priority, triple glazing is the obvious choice. These windows are heavier than double glazing, but they’re also more robust, so they’re a great choice if security is a concern. And when it comes to making the sustainable choice, they’re second to none.

Which type of glazing works best for your home will depend on several factors. For example, you could opt for triple glazing in a bedroom facing a noisy road or a living room that’s always a cold spot. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to help you make the right decision when you’re creating a cosy and comfortable home. 


What are the benefits of triple glazing?

So why should you switch to triple glazing? Let’s take a look at the benefits:


The sustainable choice

With energy costs rising, reducing your heating bills is a significant consideration for most of us. Installing triple glazing, particularly if you upgrade from older double or single glazing, will have a tangible impact on your annual energy costs

Opt for the lowest U-value triple glazing, and your windows will be around five times more energy-efficient than single glazing. And if you make sure your insulation is up to the job, you won’t need to keep turning up the thermostat. That’s better for your bills – and the environment.


A more peaceful home

Even if you have energy-efficient double glazing, it can’t match that extra pane for keeping unwanted noise at bay. If you live by a busy road in Littlehampton, you’ll notice the difference if you have triple glazing installed.

That extra pane of glass can ensure a calm and peaceful interior for your home and a good night’s sleep.


Increased security

There’s another benefit of those thicker and heavier windows – the triple layer of safety glass will beef up your security. The peace of mind knowing your home is protected is priceless, making triple glazing a savvy choice.


How much is triple glazing?

Triple glazing doesn’t come cheap and can cost up to 50% more than double glazing. However, when you look at value vs cost, then upgrading to triple glazing is the right choice for your home if:

  • Noise pollution is a constant issue
  • Security is a top priority
  • Your home has cold spots and a condensation problem
  • Your home is cold in winter and too warm in summer
  • You’re upgrading from single glazing or older style double glazing
  • You’re building a new home
  • You want to make sustainable and environmentally friendly choices
  • You’ve already improved the insulation in your roof, walls and floors


Triple glaze your home with Kayvex Windows

Still not sure whether double or triple glazing is suitable for your home? At Kayvex Windows, we can manufacture all our door and window styles with triple glazing, so you won’t have to compromise on your personal style if you opt for that extra pane of glass.

Are you interested in finding out more? Visit our Littlehampton showroom and talk to an expert or get in touch to organise a free home visit.



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